Sheet Mulching 101

What is "sheet mulching"?

It is a way of mulching that suppresses weeds while building fertile soil. 

If you are looking to transform your lawn, overgrown garden, or just start over with a new look than consider getting started sheet mulching now!

It can take 3-6 months for the process to work, so do not wait!

There are so many variations on this process so don't stress too much if you feel overwhelmed by all of the materials you may be reading about that are encouraged for use. Let's keep things simple. 3 MAIN INGREDIENTS. 

1) Cardboard

2) Compost

3) Mulch

Step 1: Decide on the area you wish to sheet mulch. We recommend starting small if this is your first time. This may be an area overgrown with weeds, a piece of lawn you wish to transform into a productive garden, or just a makeover of a new spot.

Step 2: Cut down any taller weeds in the area (Anything that might be tough to smoosh under cardboard). You can "chop and drop", as things will decompose under the mulch (as long as the seed heads of weeds are removed!)

Step 3: Water the area well.

Step 4: Place the cardboard around the area. Make sure to cover everything you wish to kill. Hold cardboard down with landscape staples and heavy rocks. Keep in mind that the wind is intense in Colorado!

Step 5: Spread compost. A nice thin layer (at least an inch thick) to cover the cardboard is sufficient. This may also be the time to spread any soil amendments (gypsum is good for clay soil) you might want to use, as well as manure if you can get some!

Step 6: Spread a thick layer of bark mulch. If you have collected fallen leaves feel free to layer these on as well (probably under the bark so they don't blow away so easily). 

We recommend at least 3 inches thick with the bark mulch!

Step 7: Water, water, water again!

Also keep in mind that the more layers you add and the thicker the layers the more bang you will get! So go big if you have the time and materials-- it is worth it! This is just a very basic outline for the most simple of sheet mulching. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions or assistance you may need.

Remember to #layerup for the cold!