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It's up!

Ok back to winter planting!

If you do not have a greenhouse and still want to grow here are a few things to try....

1. Sprouts

2. Microgreens

3. Herbs



  • First, soak your sprouts in water overnight.
  • Rinse
  • Store in a mason jar with a wire-mesh lid (so the sprouts can drain)
  • Rinse and drain everyday, until voila! That easy.

Seeds to buy: alfalfa, amaranth, adzuki beans, broccoli



Chives, mint, parsley, thyme (our favorite), oregano, and rosemary can all be transferred from your outdoor garden to a nice sunny spot indoors. 

Oops, you already let them die outside? You can check your local nursery to see if they might have some starts already. 

Other considerations:

  • Grow lights can really help with salad greens, kale, and spinach! Also with other herbs such as Basil.
  • Tower Gardens can grow a great variety of plants all winter long, while using minimal water!

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