About the Owners: 

Miriam’s interest in plants began with her introduction into the world of outdoor recreation at a summer camp in the Adirondacks. After settling in Colorado she started her immersion into the world of plants and the web of life creation and growth, first by landscaping and then by farming. Between these and other forms of work she has spent time traveling the world, living with local families, studying, exploring and pursuing athletic challenges. From these experiences she has built a strong environmental ethos based in the importance of local and sustainable agriculture and healthier communities, believing that the health of the planet is intimately connected to the health of the individual. Miriam is a clinical herbalist certified by the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. She loves getting dirty, learning new things, and physical and mental challenges.

Hanna's world was flipped upside down on a farm in Uppsala, Sweden. She grew up outside of Philadelphia, where her nature-interactions were limited to local parks and small backyards. After one year of studying fine art in Southern California, she decided to shift gears and try something completely different: organic agriculture. Ramsjö Farm in Uppsala instilled in her a desire to not only grow fruits and vegetables, but to study and understand all aspects of horticulture--from plant physiology to plant phenomenology. After a few stints working for farms, orchards, and kitchen gardens, she realized that nothing lit her fire more than seeing seeds germinating in the cold frame, or the sensational taste of fresh harvested onion, cilantro, and tomato in pico de gallo. Since her time in Sweden, Hanna has studied Biodynamic Horticulture in the United Kingdom, completed a full-season apprenticeship with Sustainable Settings Ranch, and has installed and maintained landscapes across the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado. Focusing now on the Boulder area, Hanna's deepest interests lie within the the urban and suburban applications of biodynamic principles.